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Caffeine and the Chicken Dance

A little caffeine goes a long way with me. One cup of coffee and I’m ready to leap giant piles of laundry in a single bound, rumble through the housecleaning at top speed, or talk your ear off because my mouth and brain are in overdrive. Those are the positive effects (although my husband might argue about that last one), but there’s one side effect I’ve found that isn’t so positive…

All that charging forward and running around with boundless (although temporary) energy makes me less likely to talk to or listen to God.

Does that happen to you?

I’ve been noticing it more lately because I’m back in the routine of having one weak cup of “real” coffee every morning. It’s weak because anything stronger and I would probably start saying “beep, beep” and race crazily around the house like the Road Runner. (Please tell me you’re not too young to remember that!) But even at that dosage, I find myself waking up too fast and jumping into the activities of my day before I’ve talked to God. Or listened to God. Yikes! By the time I realize it, it’s too late to completely start over. So I cram in a quick prayer, devotion, or scripture and jump back into my daily busy-ness.

It’s not good, I know, and God’s not crazy about it either. Here’s what He has to say about my caffeinated ways:

If you quit listening, dear child, and strike off on your own, you’ll soon be out of your depth. Proverbs 19:27 The Message

God has no use for the prayers of the people who won’t listen to him. Proverbs 28:9 The Message

That doesn’t taste so good for breakfast does it? I’m racing off on my own, way out over my head without a life jacket. And God’s not too interested in my caffeine fueled prayers because my brain is like a pinball machine and I can hardly hear Him through the noise.

It’s not the way I want it to be. I want to be one of these:

Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights. Proverbs 18:15 The Message  

Oh, to be called “wise.” Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

To be honest with you, I can’t really blame my lack of listening just on the caffeine. It’s me. I already have a tendency to jump ahead of God and think I know where I’m headed and what I’m supposed to do…and that’s where I lose Him. He’s not there in the future I’m charging into. Nope, He’s here. Right now. Speaking to me about today and wanting to give me what I need just for today.

Manna du jour, that’s what God’s words are to me each day. And just like the manna God sent to feed the Israelites in the desert, they’re only good for one day, and new every morning. Even when He sends the same words day after day, they are the bread of life for today.

So if I know all this, why do I still race ahead of God? Not make the time to listen?

I’m still a child. I don’t always trust like I should, I don’t always depend on God like I should, and I don’t always acknowledge my weaknesses like I should.

But I’m going to work on changing that starting today…starting with a change in my coffee. Decaf and time spent listening to God’s words are on the menu this morning. Oh, and the chicken dance. (I bet you thought I forgot!) It comes from my favorite quote:

Hope is hearing the music of the future. Faith is dancing to it now. Unknown

I hear the hope when I listen to God. Then I dance. I call my dancing the chicken dance because I can sometimes be a chicken when it comes to stepping out in faith and believing God’s promises for my life. But I dance anyway!

Decaf, manna du jour and the chicken dance…now that’s a full meal deal!

Thanks for sharing manna with me today. It was yummy!



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