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Five Minute Friday: IN REAL LIFE


In real life there are toothpaste streaks in my sink. Mail and papers piled up on my counter. Five foot weeds in my rose garden. And these things make me sad. They steal my joy and point out my shortcomings and long-standing disability.

But yesterday I walked. Walked in the sunshine for only the second time in the last two years. It was only eight minutes, but it was eight minutes of victory. Victory over my real life for the last two years. Too much pain, too much lost hope, too many lost days of doing and being in the real life I want to live.

But victory. Overcoming. I can see for the first time that my real life, the one I’ve only dreamed of as I was sidetracked by the pain…it can be. Will be, and my hope and faith, even in the midst of it all survived. And thrived.

In real life. I breathe, I walk, I love, and I hope.

Someday I’ll dance…

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