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God Spaces

I love chocolate.

I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have sweet teeth!

Enamel weak sweet teeth, which have resulted in more unpleasant visits to the dentist than I care to remember.

Especially those that involved the brain vibrating jack hammer drill I’m convinced has turned some of my white matter to Jell-O…


Those memories were all too fresh in my mind last week as I lay captive once again, supine in the cold brown vinyl chair, bib in place, bright light blinding me, with two young perfect teeth-ed dental assistants smiling down at me.

Hands clasped to help me hold myself together, I was trying to find my “happy place” until I could make my escape back to reality, when someone hit the <PAUSE> button…

So I’m laying there, cotton mouthed, left face numb, with a nub of my tooth exposed waiting for the dentist to give it a makeover with a new crown. A 20 minute appointment starts to stretch into 30, then 40 minutes. The dental assistant and assistant-in-training nervously try to make small talk.

They’re probably afraid I will get mad.

It’s hard enough to wait for food when you’re hungry. Waiting for a tooth while drool runs out the side of your mouth and you can’t even swallow your own spit is even harder.

Here’s how the conversation went while life was on <PAUSE>:

Assistant 1: How long have you been married?

Twenty-two years. And I love my husband more now than I ever have.

Assistant 2: Can I ask you a personal question? When you met your husband did you “just know” he was the one?

<cotton-mouth laugh> Yes, actually I knew when I heard his voice. My stomach did a flip and then I thought “if he’s blond I’m in trouble.” And he was!

Assistants 1 and 2: Wow, really?

Yup, we both knew instantly and we were engaged in two weeks and married in five months.

My eyes were still blinded by the light, but I could tell their jaws were on the ground. We started talking and I found out they were both single and had become hopeless about ever finding love. Time suddenly didn’t matter anymore…

Then someone hit <PLAY>

Enter the dentist, who jumped in with his own love story of knowing he was going to marry his wife the first time he met her.

No longer professionals, they shared their hearts like we were sitting around a dinner table, laughing and encouraging one another. I forgot about the bright light and my drooling, unclasped my hands, and suddenly realized what was happening…

A God space.

A pause in my everyday life created by God as an opportunity to share about God. I knew the time for sharing was starting to run out as my crown was now in place. So I interrupted the suctioning and said:

There’s one more thing I should share. My husband is a strong Christian man. I cannot imagine making it in marriage or in life without our shared faith.

That’s really good, assistant one said.

You’re right, I need to get more involved with my church, assistant two said.

Then it was time to go. The two assistants were a giggly-gooey mess by now and thanked me profusely for the “girl time” we had shared. I promised to bring them chocolate the next time to make the experience complete!

Thank you for giving me hope, one said.

Thank you for helping me believe in love again, said the other.

That was so cool! I heard them exclaim as I was checking out.

God spaces are cool.

Doug Pollack, author of the book God Space says a God Space is where:

  • God is felt and encountered in tangible ways that address the longings and cries of the heart.
  • The natural gives way to the supernatural.
  • The invisible principles of God’s kingdom are made visible in ways people can see, touch, and feel.
  • Spiritual curiosity is aroused, and the message of Christianity becomes plausible.

When God hits the <PAUSE> button in our lives we should recognize how cool the opportunity really is. And pray that we are ready for it:

Pray that I’ll know what to say and have the courage to say it at the right time, telling the mystery to one and all… Ephesians 6: 19 (The Message)

Let’s do that right now:

Lord, we pray that we would be sensitive to your Spirit and recognize the times you desire to put our lives on pause to create a God space. Help us to know the words to say and give us the courage to say them at just the right time so the message of Christ becomes tangible in the listener’s heart. Even when our mouths are full of cotton and we feel less than prepared, may we be willing to speak up and share of your transforming love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thanks for sharing a God space with me today.


By the way, when I got home from the dentist I went and kissed my husband, told him I loved him, and thanked him for being a Godly man. It’s because of him that I came to know Him. I’m so grateful for the God spaces of my past that have changed my future forever.

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