Planted By God to Display His Glory -Isaiah 61:3


I’d love to meet you and share God stories with you!Linda Crawford

But just a warning—I’m a hugger, and if you have personal space issues, I’ll invade your comfort zone! 🙂

Here’s why—I just can’t be an ordinary “speaker.”

God has miraculously transformed me from a shy, fearful, “never good enough” girl into a woman willing to step out and share my real self and my real life (not just the pretty parts) in order to give God all the glory.

I’ll probably wear my bright red shoes, but I may not wear the “right” lipstick color or stick to a script.

also might jump into the kitchen to help prepare the meal, or ask to help put up decorations before your event.

That’s because I want to connect with you in real life, not just look at you from a platform.

Expect the unexpected if you invite me to share a story, lead a retreat, or give a training workshop.

We’ll laugh, cry, praise, learn, pray, and share together.

That’s right, you’ll have opportunities to share too, because it’s not all about me, it’s about US.

And it’s so beautiful when the women of the body of Christ join together to display the beauty of Christ in us!

So let’s color life beautiful and share real life, real love and the real hope of Jesus!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Linda Crawford


Below you’ll find more information about speaking topics.

I can be contacted at: for more detailed information.


Speaking Topics

All speaking presentations include personal storiesapplication of Biblical truths, opportunity for group interaction, and personal reflection/prayer time.

**Put Your Red Shoes On

A pair of red shoes transformed my walk with Jesus and has attracted women and girls of all ages to do the same!

  • Find Your Red Shoes
  • Put Your Red Shoes On
  • Step Out in Your Red Shoes
  • Walk It Out in Your Red Shoes

Read more about the story of red shoes here.

**Great for multi generational events.


**Faith Lessons My Daughter Taught Me 

Series of messages of faith lessons my daughter has taught me over the years. (and she may even show up to share!)

  • Stones of Remembrance: You’re Not Ordinary, You Sparkle! (a miraculous story of answered prayer)
  • Dive In! (move from fear to joy!)
  • 8 ½ things to do on the moderately worst day of your life

Read more here.

**Great for multi generational events.


Do It Afraid: A Courageous Faith = A Colorful Life

My life story; overcoming shame, fear of people, and pain as I learned to color life beautiful.

  • Confessions of a Fraidy Cat
  • Write Love on Your Arms
  • Dare to Color Life Beautiful
  • Do it Afraid: A Courageous faith = a Colorful Life


Dreams Have No Expiration Date

Don’t throw away your dreams. Discover how God can bring new life to the discouraged dreamer instead.

  • Dreams vs. Fears
  • The Courage to Be a Beginner
  • Stepping Out of Hiding
  • Finding Your Dream

Read more from my story here.


Finding Balance

When circumstances, fears, and the multiple demands of life throw you off-balance, how can you avoid falling down…or apart?

Based on my six-week Bible study: Finding Balance, through interactive experiences, Bible study, and discussion we’ll explore:

  • The Personal Balance Test
  • Core Strengthening with God
  • The Juggling Act
  •  The Fear Factor
  • Adapting to Change

On The Job Healing 

Sharing my personal journey through debilitating physical pain and how I found the road to physical and emotional healing with Christ.

Read more here.


Comforting Women in Crisis

Divorce, depression, adultery, abuse, miscarriage, cancer…there are women in crisis all around us. But do we know the best words to say? The best things to do?

This practical, interactive workshop will give you the words, actions, scriptures and insight you need to effectively minister God’s love, healing and comfort to women in crisis.

You’ll learn from real life stories of women who have been there, discover new ways to reach out in love, and take home practical tips on how to respond in the most helpful ways possible.

Based on the book, Comforting Women in Crisis, this presentation can be formatted for a 1-2 hour overview, or half day intensive workshop.

 NOTE: This is a great ministry training workshop, but is designed for ALL women, not just those involved in women’s ministry positions.

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