Planted By God to Display His Glory -Isaiah 61:3

About Linda

I drive a minivan and wear sensible shoes…most of the time. But my husband calls me “lead-foot Linda,” I love red shoes and race cars, and I’m passionate about helping women pursue God with no speed limits.

A transplanted Maine native (and diehard Red Sox fan), I have also lived in Vienna, Austria where I fulfilled a life-long dream to sing like Julie Andrews on a mountainside outside of Salzburg (yes, the hills are still alive after my performance). And as unlikely as it may seem, I have a cache of trophies from my younger (much younger) years as a professional rally car co-driver. (I don’t think my mother has recuperated from that phase of my life yet.)

As a writer, I’ve been privileged to author Bible studies and women’s ministry resources with Group Publishing since 2005. As much as I love writing, my “real” career has been working as an occupational therapist for over twenty years helping people rehabilitate from injuries or illness. In addition, I have had the honor of leading national small group and volunteer ministry training workshops, women’s retreats, and prayer ministries. My two Bible studies: Finding Balance  and A Taste of Freedom  are available from Group Publishing.

When I’m not driving too fast, dreaming of the Sound of Music, or hugging my furry dog, husband or daughter, (not necessarily in that order) you can find me here, squeezing words out of my toothpaste tube of a brain, or out in the sunshine dreaming of climbing one of the majestic Rocky Mountains in my backyard.

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Comments on: "About Linda" (4)

  1. What a fascinating life already lived. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you! By the way, we love Group – always use them for our VBS for 300+ kids in MN. I’ll have to look into your Bible studies too. Blessings to you!

  2. My husband and I were married in Vienna, I have loved the Sound of Music since I was a child, I am a therapist, too (marriage and family…not occupational), and I love to write, too! I am so glad to find your blog. I will enjoy keeping up with you, I’m sure. Adding it to my bookmarks.

    • Emily! My sister! 🙂

      So I assume Jonathan is your husband? Love that you blog together and that we share a love of Vienna–I call it my “heart home.” Thanks for finding me and I’ll be sure to keep up with you both too. You have a lot of wonderful wisdom to share! Have a blessed day and “Danke.”

  3. Yes, Jonathan is my husband. 🙂 Bitte! 🙂

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