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All I Need to Know

I started a new journal a few weeks ago…one where I write just for me and God. It’s a journal where I don’t have to edit myself or organize my thoughts and I’m free to doodle, type with my eyes closed, or switch subjects as fast as lightening or as slow as molasses.

It’s my place to play.

And as I play, I’m discovering more freedom, more joy, and more of the Linda God created me to be than ever before.

God’s showing me all I really need to know is quite simple, like this classic poem from Robert Fulghum:

God’s also showing me that all I need to pray for is quite simple too, and asked me to share this little piece of my journal with you…

I’m praying my prayer for you today too. May you draw, paint, sing, dance and play some today as the joy of the wonder of life fills you to overflowing.

Linda CrawfordThank you Lord, you have all we need to know today.


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How I Impressed the Grocery Bagging Guy

I’m sharing a fun story at Internet Cafe Devotions today!

I’m like most women I see at the grocery store—I shop alone.

I plan our family meals, take stock of the bare cupboards, and venture solo to the mega store where, list in hand, I methodically hunt down and gather our food each week. It’s exhausting work doing it alone. Reaching, bending, lifting, carrying, and loading all those groceries into and out of that cart (and later into and out of the car and finally into the cupboards) is a workout!

I’m convinced the reason many women wear sweatpants to the grocery store is because they know how much they are going to sweat!

A few years ago I hurt my shoulder and had to go solo to the store with my left arm in a sling. I soon realized I could never pass the straight-line-cart-driving-sobriety test steering with only one hand, and the more items I put in, the worse it got. Weaving around the store, I became more and more frustrated and less and less in control of my cart. Then it dawned on me that I was going to have to load and unload everything with one hand too. I quickly pared down my list to the necessities and carefully maneuvered my way to the checkout.

I had unloaded about a third of my cart onto the revolving belt before the pleasant young man behind the bagging station offered to help. They usually don’t offer to help me, so I knew one of three things must be true—either I looked like I needed help because of the sling, he saw me drunk-driving my cart, or, more than likely, my slow, one at a time unloading was holding up the sighing impatient line of customers behind me. Usually fiercely independent on grocery shopping treks, this time I was embarrassed and grateful for the help…

Click here to read the rest of the story at Internet Cafe Devotions to discover how an arm injury, a Homecoming dance and a grocery clerk helped me get an important message from God!

Linda CrawfordHave a sunny-side up day!


© 2012, Linda Crawford, Sunny Side Up, all rights reserved.

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