Planted By God to Display His Glory -Isaiah 61:3

Divine Creativity

It’s officially Spring and we’ve been blessed with warm weather and bright sunshine for weeks now. There’s sure to be more snow and gray days ahead, yet it’s hard not to be inspired by leaf buds and flowers stalks that hint at the promised beauty of the colors yet to come.

Every spring I find myself in awe of the creativity of God–the emerging sights, sounds and colors of the season inspire and challenge me. Birds sing in my backyard, purple crocuses adorn an empty garden, neighbors appear for afternoon chats and doggy visits. Life is stirring again after prolonged hidden-ness and I find myself wanting to embrace and breathe of it anew.

God is so creative. Life is so creative.

We humans are so creative.

Spring has me pondering our human creativity this week.  How do composers create music? Artists paint? Writers write? Singers sing? Designers design? Builders build? Cooks cook? Dancers dance? Actors act? Speakers speak? Mothers mother?

To create beauty–to be a planting for the display of His glory. That’s my tagline for this blog, and the desire of my heart as a writer.

So today, with the sun shining through my patio window and a robin singing in the backyard, I took a few moments to sit and write the desires of my heart for my creative process as a writer.

It started as a seed and bloomed as this:

What would it be like to catch a divine sentence in a butterfly net?

Beautiful, it flutters near to show off its markings, the colors of its meaning, and the rhythm of its movement.

Yet it has no sound to be heard, no melody—until captured and translated into crooked letters that are placed along a path.

Like crumbs of bread the words entice the hungry to eat, to follow their journey, to discover where they will lead…

Once studied, heard in song and transformed into words to hunger for, the divine sentence is released with gratitude to fly back to its creator.

This is how I wish to write.

If only I could capture a tiny piece of beauty, a glimmer of truth, a portion of His love to share in words–to put His glory on display…all the struggles of the creative process would be worthwhile.

Thank goodness I have a book filled with words of beauty, truth and love to guide me…

Every word you give me is a miracle word— how could I help but obey? Break open your words, let the light shine out, let ordinary people see the meaning. Psalm 119:129-130 (MSG)

 They defeated him (the enemy of our souls) through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness. Revelation 12:11 (MSG)

The bold word of their witness…

Let’s keep speaking, singing, writing, dancing, painting and creating beauty to put the glory of the Lord on display!

Linda CrawfordHow does God inspire your creativity?

~ Linda

© Linda Crawford, Sunny Side Up, 2012.

Comments on: "Divine Creativity" (5)

  1. Thanks for this, Linda. Blessings to you and your writing ministry!

  2. Beautiful. Inspiring. May our crooked letters truly be used by Him to encourage others also on the journey. Thanks for being the encourager of many…me included! Much love.

    • Much love to you too Starla! I hope you are working on your next book! You are gifted at catching those divine inspirations and writing them down for us to be blessed. Thanks for encouraging me! ❤

  3. Sometimes in the midst of a personal crisis I tend to spiral in, thinking only about what is going on within. Thank you for the reminder to look up and out of myself to the Divine Creator who is able to give me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for morning, a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. I look to Him the author and finisher of my faith! And I rely on my fellow warriors to keep pointing me in the right direction! You are right on 🙂

    • I’m a spiral-er too Cheryl, so thank you for sharing because I need to look up from my lousy head cold and cough today to praise him too! We are in this together and I’m so blessed to have great women of faith sharing the journey!

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