Planted By God to Display His Glory -Isaiah 61:3

Cartwheels for Jesus

Sharing a story about my amazing and wonderful daughter today at Internet Cafe Devotions!

As soon as Sarah could stand, she was dancing. We bought her every pink tutu and flashy leotard we could find. She wore glitter shoes to church—red, white, gold and silver ones. As soon as the music started she was out of her seat dancing in the aisle. Her favorite song to dance to at home was what she called “The Ha-yay-you-yah Chorus.”

Joy should have been her middle name. “Princess Joy” would have suited her well.

I was brought up in a much more conservative church than the ones she knew. No clapping, orderly hymn singing, and certainly no dancing! I still wore sensible black shoes to church…but I didn’t want her to be like me.

I didn’t want her to think believing in Jesus was black shoes and no clapping.

I wanted her to know about the “joy of the Lord” and that the Bible says we are to sing, dance, and make a joyful noise! So I indulged her love of all things glitter and encouraged her freestyle dancing.

After all, I had danced when I was a child too…

Click here to read the rest of the story!

© Linda Crawford, Sunny Side Up, 2012.

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