Planted By God to Display His Glory -Isaiah 61:3


In real life there are toothpaste streaks in my sink. Mail and papers piled up on my counter. Five foot weeds in my rose garden. And these things make me sad. They steal my joy and point out my shortcomings and long-standing disability.

But yesterday I walked. Walked in the sunshine for only the second time in the last two years. It was only eight minutes, but it was eight minutes of victory. Victory over my real life for the last two years. Too much pain, too much lost hope, too many lost days of doing and being in the real life I want to live.

But victory. Overcoming. I can see for the first time that my real life, the one I’ve only dreamed of as I was sidetracked by the pain…it can be. Will be, and my hope and faith, even in the midst of it all survived. And thrived.

In real life. I breathe, I walk, I love, and I hope.

Someday I’ll dance…

Time’s up! Join in the fun and write your own five minutes on IN REAL LIFE. Click on the link to The Gypsy Mama below.

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Comments on: "Five Minute Friday: IN REAL LIFE" (8)

  1. Your post made me realize the simple, every day gifts that I take for granted.
    May you have more days of fresh air and sunshine than darkness and pain.
    God bless.

  2. Thank you Nancy! Blessings and sunshine to you too!

  3. well for the love of everything…why do you let those things rob your joy?
    take the five minutes and wipe up the toothpaste.
    take the ten minutes and pull the weeds.
    You deserve to live a joyful life!
    Be Blessed.

    • Too funny! I am at your site right now reading your post! I agree about the toothpaste, it’s just a sign of how distracted I’ve become by the chronic pain…the weeds…well I actually can’t do that physically yet. Along with a lot of other things…but although they seek to steal my joy, I agree they should not!! 🙂

  4. Bravo Linda ..enjoy your victory. I hope you dance soon. Rosanne

  5. Brenda Chance said:

    Real life isn’t always what we signed up for, is it? I’m sorry for your pain. May God’s joy continue to shout a bigger truth than your pain…and may you find rest {and healing} in the shadow of His love for you. Thank you for being “real” in your sharing today. I know when I’m struggling with pain {I have an autoimmune issue}, I don’t want to share it. I’d rather talk about my “other life”–the one that is less real, but more desirable. Thank you for your courage to speak truth. I say, leave the toothpaste streaks as a testimony to grace!

    • Bless you Brenda! I too have avoided talking about the real life of pain, but it is real life at times isn’t it? And I’ve found I so need the encouragement of others like yourself who know what it’s like. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for seeing my toothpaste streaks as a testimony to grace! I never would have seen that and so need to keep that perspective!

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